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About Us

At Bayxis, we believe that data and software have the power to surface investment opportunities not obvious to market participants — Our research, algorithms, and trading models help us identify attractively priced securities and the optimal time horizons to own them in order to produce compelling investment returns.

Daniel Nieto, CFA

Co-founder & Portfolio Manager

Daniel oversees all investing and risk management activities at Bayxis. Prior to founding Bayxis, Daniel co-founded a payments software company, worked in venture capital, and developed trading algorithms at a prominent Canadian hedge fund. Daniel earned a BBA from the University of Guelph, is a CFA Charterholder, and has studied at Harvard University.

Gregory Prekupec, JD

Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer

Greg manages the strategic growth and partner relationships at Bayxis. Prior to founding Bayxis, Greg specialized in corporate law and private markets. Greg earned a BA from the Western University, a JD from Bond University, and was called to the Law Society of Ontario in 2010.

Executive Team

the most important thing.

risk management.

While we don’t believe that risk equates to the price swings of securities, we do recognize that volatility plays an important psychological role in the investment experience of our investors.

Because of this, we craft algorithms to manage volatility at a security, strategy, and portfolio level.

Lastly, all of our liquid capital is invested alongside yours —
True alignment. True partnership.

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